Audrina Patridge nudes, fakes and sex tapes

  • Model name: Audrina Patridge
  • Famous as: Actress, model
  • Height: 171
  • Birth date: 9 May 1985
  • Birth place: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Ethnicity: US
  • nicknames: Aud, Drina
  • Official weibsite:
  • 60

  • Pics Amount - 5.0
  • Videos Amount - 0.0
  • Content Quality - 8.0
  • Unique - 3.0
  • Content Nudity - 5.0
  • Popularity - 7.0
  • Sexuality - 7.0
  • Beauty - 8.0
  • Scandalous - 7.0
  • Reviewer opinon - 10.0

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Audrina Patridge was born in 1985 and vaulted into the national consciousness when she made her debut on the MTV show The Hills. She was one of the original four cast members and people absolutely loved her. She has since remained in the public eye and worked reality shows and in a few movies, like the straight to video sequel Into the Blue 2. She has a clothing line for Kmart and she’s working on another reality show as well. She’s only 25 so we can count on her being around for a while.


The Audrina Patridge nude content is largely limited to her appearance in a series of centerfold shots. I’m not sure if they were in a magazine or if they were just samples sent out so someone would actually put her in a magazine and it doesn’t matter. She looks amazing in them. You can see her big perky breasts as she lounges in a pool and her body is all slippery and slick and it looks breathtaking. This is what a nude celeb should look like. Some of the shots have a real pornstar quality where it looks like she’s trying to turn you on solely with her eyes and lips. In addition to those foxy Audrina Patridge nude pics you can see her looking supremely sexy in countless shots, mostly from the paparazzi. All the girls from The Hills were followed incessantly and of all of them, Audrina would consistently dress in a suggestive manner. That means lots of short dresses, tight tops, low cut tops, and bikinis. It’s almost as good as nude celebrity content because of how freaking good she looks. When she’s in a tiny bikini and her nipples are poking through the material she might as well be naked. It’s breathtaking and there are so many wonderful shots you’ll be totally aroused. Sadly, there have been no celebrity sex tapes produced by Audrina Patridge. That will come later when her career has stalled and she needs a boost to get back into the public eye. Then you’ll see her boning for fame and it will be glorious. Until then you can check out the rather small collection of Audrina Patridge fakes that are out there. She hasn’t drawn the attention of the fakers but you can find a little bit of faking action. There are no celebrity comics starring Audrina.


Audrina Patridge is a beautiful girl with big perky breasts and a supremely slender and tight body. She stays in shape by working out constantly and she does so because she knows that people love her for her beauty and the hotness of her body. She shows off that hotness for your delight and it’s fun to stroke it to her. There are several Audrina Patridge nudes you can admire and a smaller collection of celeb fakes that show her getting savaged by boners. She shows up in paparazzi shots all the time because she’s a favorite target of theirs and she courts the attention. We love her for that.

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  • Pics Amount - 9.0
  • Videos Amount - 10.0
  • Content Quality - 9.0
  • Unique - 4.0
  • Content Nudity - 9.0
  • Popularity - 10.0
  • Sexuality - 10.0
  • Beauty - 10.0
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