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  • Model name: Emma Watson
  • Famous as: Actress, model
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Birth date: 15 April 1990
  • Birth place: Paris, France
  • Ethnicity: USA
  • nicknames: Em
  • Official weibsite: http://www.emmawatson.com/
  • 58

  • Pics Amount - 7.0
  • Videos Amount - 1.0
  • Content Quality - 8.0
  • Unique - 3.0
  • Content Nudity - 5.0
  • Popularity - 8.0
  • Sexuality - 5.0
  • Beauty - 7.0
  • Scandalous - 3.0
  • Reviewer opinon - 11.0

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Emma Watson was cast in the first Harry Potter movie back in 2001 when she was only 11 years old. At that time we had no idea what would happen when she got older. She grew up on screen though, appearing in each Harry Potter movie and making successively more money (she’s quite well off now). She’s 20 years old at the moment and she’s become quite a beautiful young woman with a terrific body. Now she’s the object of fantasy for many men.


For a long time it was a little bit weird and gross to fantasize about and desire Emma Watson. She was simply too young to harbor those thoughts about. Those times have changed though and Emma seems to have changed with them. Where she was once the girl who wore demure clothes she has now shown up in public wearing short skirts and sexy tops. One of the great perils of being an actress that wears a skirt out in public is that the paparazzi will always try to get an upskirt shot as you climb out of the car. Emma has fallen prey to several of those and there was one in particular that revealed her wearing semi-sheer panties. As a viewer you were afforded a wonderful partial view of her young pussy. That’s the best Emma Watson nude content you’re going to get at this point, at least for the real stuff. Some young celebs become nude celebs real quick because they desire the extra exposure or they’re simply careless when it comes to their bikini tops but it seems clear that Emma doesn’t want to be making celebrity porn for people to enjoy. At the very least she’ll lay off until she’s done with the movie series aimed at teens. If you want to see Emma Watson nude you can always turn to the fabulous fake and comic content that has been created starring her. Folks fantasize about the beauty and if she’s not going to provide a celebrity sex tape or another form of celebrity porn then she’ll just have to do it herself. They’ll show Emma Watson sex with a big cock pushing into her pussy in the fakes and comics. They’ll show a nice big smile on her face as she is filled and you can dream of being the one to give it to her.


Emma Watson is a sweet young babe that has grown up on camera in the Harry Potter movies. She has become a saucy babe with a great body in the years since we first saw her and now it’s nothing but a pleasure to admire her beauty on camera. There are some hot Emma Watson upskirt pictures you can check out and then there are plenty of nude fakes where you can see her doing all sorts of unholy things. The celebrity comics will give you a little extra thrill until the time when she feels like it would be good for her art to become a nude celeb on camera. What a wonderful day that will be!

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