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  • Model name: Eva Mendes
  • Famous as: Actress
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Birth date: 5 March 1974
  • Birth place: Miami, Florida, U.S.
  • Ethnicity: Cuban-American
  • nicknames:
  • Official weibsite:
  • 71

  • Pics Amount - 8.0
  • Videos Amount - 2.0
  • Content Quality - 7.0
  • Unique - 3.0
  • Content Nudity - 6.0
  • Popularity - 8.0
  • Sexuality - 8.0
  • Beauty - 9.0
  • Scandalous - 8.0
  • Reviewer opinon - 12.0

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Eva Mendes is a lovely actress from Miami, Florida and was born in 1974. Her tale in Hollywood begins with roles in low budget, mostly crappy movies like Children of the Corn V and currently has her as a tremendously successful actress working in some of the most notable releases. Her beauty is tremendous and a little bit exotic, setting her apart from most women. She’s been with her current boyfriend for almost a decade and her career continues on the rise so you can expect great things from her.


Like so many wonderful actresses, Eva Mendes has appeared nude multiple times. Surprisingly, she managed not to get naked in the low budget early films she did. Instead, her first experience baring it all came in Training Day, the 2001 film starring Denzel Washington. She was fully nude for that one and you get quite a bit of screen time. She’s a splendid nude celeb, without question. If you want more then you can check out We Own The Night, where she has a rather intense love scene with Joaquin Phoenix. It’s highly arousing stuff and there’s good Eva Mendes nude action to arouse. Check her out in the 2008 film The Spirit and you’ll see her but. It’s not quite full on celebrity porn but it still looks good. Her body is so smooth and gorgeous the clip is irresistible. If you want to see her looking sexy then you should watch Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. She plays a high class escort and often ends up dressed in sexy lingerie as part of the job. Very nice! There’s a rather infamous Calvin Klein commercial where Eva is naked that was banned in America for its sexuality. If you can get your hands on that you get some good Eva Mendes nude exposure. Eva Mendes is a big enough star to get celeb fakes. People want to see her fucking and since she hasn’t made a celebrity sex video that’s the only way to do it. The same can be said for the Eva Mendes comics. They’re perfectly drawn and show her looking like the gorgeous goddess she is. She has sex in them and the penetration is always deep and looks great. There’s more than enough naughty content starring this beauty that you should be deeply satisfied.


With more than a decade of experience in the public eye Eva Mendes has done quite a bit of good work, including in the celebrity porn sense. You can find Eva Mendes nude in several of her movies so there are screen captures and clips to admire from them. You can see the nude celeb in an ad for Calvin Klein and in several other fashion pictures where she’s in something sheer and her body is showing. She lacks a celebrity sex tape (aside from the funny parody movie she did) but there are plenty of Eva Mendes fakes and comics to admire.

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  • Videos Amount - 10.0
  • Content Quality - 9.0
  • Unique - 4.0
  • Content Nudity - 9.0
  • Popularity - 10.0
  • Sexuality - 10.0
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