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  • Model name: Gena Lee Nolin
  • Famous as: Actress and model
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Birth date: 29 November 1971
  • Birth place: Duluth, Minnesota, USA
  • Ethnicity: USA
  • nicknames:
  • Official weibsite:
  • 72

  • Pics Amount - 6.0
  • Videos Amount - 4.0
  • Content Quality - 8.0
  • Unique - 2.0
  • Content Nudity - 10.0
  • Popularity - 8.0
  • Sexuality - 8.0
  • Beauty - 8.0
  • Scandalous - 7.0
  • Reviewer opinon - 11.0

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Gena Lee Nolin first gained notoriety working for The Price is Right in 1994. She was one of Barker’s Beauties and like the rest of the girls on the show she had a pretty face, a great pair of tits, and a hot ass. In 1995 she landed the role of Neely Capshaw on the TV Baywatch. That was when the lifeguard drama was near the height of its popularity and any woman that joined became an instant celebrity. She played the part until 1998 and then she left to start her own show. It was canceled after only one se


In 1995 Gena Lee Nolin entered the consciousness of millions of teenage boys around the world by joining the cast of Baywatch. She donned the tight red swimsuit and jogged down the beach for our pleasure. If you didn’t have access to porn back then nothing was better than a good episode of Baywatch for spanking it. There are still great videos of her prancing around and there are plenty of pictures that she did while promoting the show. That’s just the start of the fun with Gena Lee Nolin. After leaving Baywatch she was offered a chance to pose in Playboy. That was her opportunity to produce quality celebrity porn and she jumped at the chance. We all knew her body was amazing but it was proven when she showed up without any clothes on. Playboy does classy pictures and they came through with hot lingerie for her to pose in while she was attempting to arouse with her fantastically sexy body. She’s a great looking blonde babe with a centerfold body so of course she made tongues wag with her sexy posing. It’s the Gena Lee Nolin sex video that she’s best known for nowadays. She filmed it with her husband Greg Fahlman. It was done a long time ago before she was famous and before she had a good boob job. The quality isn’t particularly good since it was probably filmed with an ancient video camera but she shows us her tits and her naked body along with fingering her pussy. You can see him thrust his cock into her pussy from behind a little bit and then she gives a great blowjob like any talented celebrity should know how to do. The Gena Lee Nolin sex tape isn’t great but it’s genuinely her and she gives a great blowjob.


Gena Lee Nolin has appeared on Baywatch, on her own television show, in Playboy, and in a celebrity sex tape. These things have made her famous, although by all accounts she no longer works, instead preferring to settle into life with her family. The Gena Lee Nolin sex tape is not high quality but there’s still pleasure to be had because she sucks cock and sucks it well. It’s celebrity porn and that’s always terrific. You can see Gena Lee Nolin nude thanks to her appearance in Playboy and her breasts are terrific.

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  • Videos Amount - 10.0
  • Content Quality - 9.0
  • Unique - 4.0
  • Content Nudity - 9.0
  • Popularity - 10.0
  • Sexuality - 10.0
  • Beauty - 10.0
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