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  • Model name: Kristen Stewart
  • Famous as: Actress
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Birth date: 9 April 1990
  • Birth place: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Ethnicity: USA
  • nicknames: Kris, KStew
  • Official weibsite:
  • 58

  • Pics Amount - 5.0
  • Videos Amount - 4.0
  • Content Quality - 8.0
  • Unique - 3.0
  • Content Nudity - 6.0
  • Popularity - 8.0
  • Sexuality - 6.0
  • Beauty - 7.0
  • Scandalous - 2.0
  • Reviewer opinon - 9.0

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Kristen Stewart started a career in Hollywood when she was only 10 years old. Her first movie ever was the Flintstones sequel and shortly thereafter she landed a role opposite Jodie Foster in Panic Room. Since then she has worked continuously and it’s been a successful career. She’s known for her fantastic acting and practices the Method style. It has led to a series of terrific performances throughout the years. It wasn’t until she landed the lead female role in the Twilight movie.


Kristen Stewart is only 20 years old so her chances to do any celeb nudes have been limited. That hasn’t stopped it from happening though. She recently played Joan Jett in the movie The Runaways and she shows a little bit of skin in there. It’s not the best Kristen Stewart nude action, although it’s the best currently available so you’ll have to make due. In Welcome to the Rileys, which hasn’t been released as of this writing, Kristen plays a young prostitute in New Orleans. She will end up doing some nudity in that movie as well so there are chances to see Kristen Stewart nude. There are also plenty of chances to see her looking exceedingly sexy. For a girl like this being sexy comes pretty easily. Adventureland was released in 2009 and it features her prancing around in her underwear a whole lot. There’s also lots of kissing and some sexy action. She hooks up with Emile Hirsch in his movie Into the Wild and there’s some good kissing action. Jumper features her looking sexy and acting sexy. There are lots of examples but the good Kristen Stewart nude action is still to come as her career is just getting started. In the meantime you can head online and find all sorts of good Kristen Stewart fakes. Enterprising artists have decided that if she doesn’t want to do any sex scenes at the moment then they’ll take the initiative and show her being incredibly filthy in all sorts of ways. These scenes always end up being hugely entertaining as you can see her body in lots of different compromising positions. There are Kristen Stewart comics popping up as well. People want to see the Twilight girl naked and getting pounded and comics are a great way of doing that.


Kristen Stewart is a hugely popular young actress thanks to the Twilight movies, of which there are at least two more to be released (as of this writing). She’s only going to get more popular but she likes to pursue more mature roles and that means shots of Kristen Stewart nude as she explores the artistic possibilities of taking her clothes off. There are a few movies where she’s already done nude scenes and then there are all the beautiful Kristen Stewart fakes and comics where she’s shown doing any number of unholy things.

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