Mariah Carey nudes, fakes and sex tapes

  • Model name: Mariah Carey
  • Famous as: Singer, songwriter, model, record producer, actress, film producer
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Birth date: 27 March 1969
  • Birth place: Huntington, New York, USA
  • Ethnicity: Mulatto
  • nicknames: Songbird, MC, Mirage, Mimi, The Voice
  • Official weibsite:
  • 65

  • Pics Amount - 9.0
  • Videos Amount - 1.0
  • Content Quality - 8.0
  • Unique - 4.0
  • Content Nudity - 2.0
  • Popularity - 7.0
  • Sexuality - 10.0
  • Beauty - 8.0
  • Scandalous - 4.0
  • Reviewer opinon - 12.0

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Mariah Carey has been a music superstar since her first album was released in the early 1990s. She married the man that brought her to stardom, Tommy Mottola, and he helped guide her to becoming one of the biggest selling female acts of all time with more than 175 million records moved worldwide. For ten years she rocked the world and in 2001 suffered a minor emotional breakdown. She has since staged a comeback with successful album releases and a handful of film projects that have been very well received.


We all know Mariah Carey is a stunningly sexy woman. In her public life she’s gone through two phases with regards to the image she presents to the public. She’s always been sexy but in her early years she was a fairly skinny chick with what appeared to be smallish breasts. She would dress in nice outfits but nothing too over the top. Around the turn of the millennium she jumped on the slutty bandwagon and started dressing in the sluttiest outfits she could find. Her breasts appeared to get a great deal bigger as well. Suddenly Mariah Carey was a sex object as well as a singer. It’s challenging to see Mariah Carey nude because despite her outward sluttiness she’s been very careful about maintaining a little bit of chastity. She wears the most revealing stuff you’ve ever seen but manages to keep her titties hidden so you don’t get the nude celeb action you want. She also hasn’t produced a celebrity sex tape, even though it seemed likely after her marriage to fellow entertainer Nick Cannon. The two of them seemed perfect to make multiple celebrity sex videos for our entertainment. She has appeared super sexy in hundreds of magazine spreads, almost all her videos and the movie Glitter, which was a bomb but features plenty of hotness. The market for Mariah Carey fakes is bustling, though. There are hundreds available and more are made all the time. The girl has enormous breasts and a nice curvaceous body so there are plenty of slutty ladies out there that fit the profile perfectly. They just put her head on those hotties and you get to see Mariah Carey nude or having celebrity sex. The Mariah Carey fake pics are usually really well done too. The occasional Mariah Carey comics pop up and you can check out hand drawn artist interpretations of what she might be like in a dirty sexual situation.


Mariah Carey is a stunning singer and celebrity with a wonderfully arousing body that she revels in showing off. She’s not one of the commonly nude celebs despite her suggestive outfits so if you’re looking for pure Mariah Carey nude pics you’ll be a little disappointed. Her clothing is slutty enough that she should be able to turn you on though. It looks genuinely great. Then there are all the Mariah Carey fakes you can check out. If you want to see the nude celebrity it’s the perfect chance. She always looks fantastic in them and they show her doing some deliciously dirty stuff.

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  • Pics Amount - 9.0
  • Videos Amount - 10.0
  • Content Quality - 9.0
  • Unique - 4.0
  • Content Nudity - 9.0
  • Popularity - 10.0
  • Sexuality - 10.0
  • Beauty - 10.0
  • Scandalous - 7.0
  • Reviewer opinon - 14.0
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