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  • Model name: Miley Cyrus
  • Famous as: Singer, actress, songwriter, musician
  • Height: 164 cm
  • Birth date: 23 November 1992
  • Birth place: Franklin, Tennessee, USA
  • Ethnicity: USA
  • nicknames: Smiley, Miley
  • Official weibsite:
  • 64

  • Pics Amount - 7.0
  • Videos Amount - 2.0
  • Content Quality - 8.0
  • Unique - 7.0
  • Content Nudity - 2.0
  • Popularity - 8.0
  • Sexuality - 5.0
  • Beauty - 7.0
  • Scandalous - 8.0
  • Reviewer opinon - 10.0

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Miley Cyrus was born in 1992 to Leticia and Billy Ray Cyrus. You might know Billy from his popular country song “Achy Breaky Heart” or his role on the TV series Doc, which ran for 88 episodes. Miley you know from her television show Hannah Montana, her controversial cell phone photos or her photo shoot for Vanity Fair that people found a little bit creepy. For such a young girl she has generated an awful lot of controversy in her short career.


You will not find Miley Cyrus nude online. She’s too young to even contemplate it. However, you will find that she has stirred up a storm of controversy in several different ways. The first was a photo shoot for Vanity Fair. It was shot by Annie Liebovitz and it showed Miley Cyrus nude but with a sheet across her breasts and her lower body. All you could really see was her naked back. Given her age and the fact that people know her from the Disney Channel some thought that the picture was tasteless. There’s another in the set that featured her head in her dad’s lap and that too was a little tasteless. Miley also generated controversy and a little hatred when she took some naughty photos on her cell phone and they were spread around the internet. She says that her phone was hacked and that someone stole and posted the photos. One of them features her standing in the bathroom wearing a pair of panties and pulling up her t-shirt to expose a great deal of tummy skin. It seems a little strange for such a young babe to be taking pictures like that and then leaving them on her cell phone but Miley can be a little bit foolish, obviously. So if you want you can see a few Miley Cyrus underwear pictures. You can also see plenty of her looking demure like a regular teenage girl should be. She entertains other teenagers on her show and with her music and she always gives off a certain image. She’s a role model and she typically takes that seriously. Not always though, as you can see if you search for the right terms online.


Miley Cyrus is awfully young but the singer/actress has stirred up plenty of interest among the online community. She’s undeniably sexy and she likes to tempt with pictures that she takes with her cell phone. They show way too much skin and they indicate a certain level of naughtiness that she possesses. You won’t be seeing Miley Cyrus nude for a long time (if ever) but you can take advantage of her loose ways and get some great shots of her looking semi nude and naughty.

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  • Videos Amount - 10.0
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